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The Rise and Fall of the Roman empire didnít happen in one day.

But yours might!

The world is yours to control, if you have the skill. Rise and Fall is a world domination strategy game. Building off the concepts introduced in Civilizations™ this game takes the next logical steps.

Features will include:
  • A detailed 3D world.
  • Vector Based movement.
  • Network support for multi-player games.
  • Unlimited flexibility for player upgrades.
  • Seasons and Weather.
  • Real Time Strategy (RTS) or Turn Based game types.
  • A vast technology advancement tree.
  • Scalability for small border wars to complete planetary domination.
  • Scenarios for single or multi-player game play.

* Features are subject to addition, or deletion, depending on future development.

Description: This game is a 3D Civilizations type game. Enough said? Rise And Fall, like the rise and fall of the roman empire, seems like a good title for now. Basically it will involve world domination like civilizations, except be on a real 3d world, not the isometric 2d flat world of Civilizations. I plan on making it fully customizable to allow for different game types, additional units, and a much larger tech tree. I will try to keep all limitations on units and tech open-ended. However due to limitations, this might not be entirely possible, but I will try. One of the biggest problems with Civilizations is there is a fixed number of units and tech advances. I want to remove this so that anything is possible. Also I want to experience everything in 3d.

Goals: My number one goal is to develop a program that has network code, basic interface, a planet, and troop placement. As I expand on things, I will start to introduce the tech tree, cities, roads, zooming in, possibly zooming into units and seeing individual solders. Plus I will need to develop a random map editor, and menus. Also, I will try to make a language program to allow players to make scenarios.