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I donít have much code done at the moment, and it is all very much in flux. However there is a little information, that I will be expanding on later.

Code Structure: Fist off, I want to allow for host and client systems to be the same program. Possibly a switch can be added to the main code to turn off all code not necessary for a player less host, and have it a command line argument

The Main Code Structure:

  • cApplication: This is the main program class. Everything starts from it.
  • cWindow: Creates the main window.
  • cGraphicsEngine: Main class for all graphics.
    • cAnimation: The class for handling animations.
  • cNetworkEngine: Main class for all the network.
  • cSoundEngine: Main class for all the sound.
  • cInputEngine: Main class for all the input devices.
  • cGameEngine: Main class for the game system.
    • cAI: The class that controls computer intelligence.
    • cTech: The class that handles the technology tree.
    • cCombat: The class for handling combat.
    • cMove: The class for handling unit movement.
    • cCities: The class for city building.
    • cUnits: The class for handling unit information.
    • cEvents: The class that handles scenario events.
    • cWeather: The class that handles weather.
    • cPlayer: The class that holds player information
    • cGame: The class that holds the game information and state.

* more class will be added if needed.