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Note: This document is far from complete and may very well not be the same as the final release. Changes will be added where needed, and any comments on the game, itís structure, and file types is greatly appreciated. If you can think of something that is missing, or should be done differently, say so or forever hold your piece. If however the game turns out to suck, or generally not excite you, and you said nothing, then you should not comment on it being a bad game.

File Structure: Detail on the directory structure to be used.

File Formats: Detail on the file formats to be used.

There are probably still many things I am missing. On for example would be trades. Civ allows for trades and trade routes. However I donít think I will implement anything like that until very late in development. Some changes I may make could include changing some of the text files to use functions instead of flags. This will possibly make the files easier to read, but could be limiting to the user. I am also toying with the idea of making the tech tree include units and buildings that a tech allows. This way I donít have to check each list for new available units and buildings with each tech advance. This would speed up and simplify my code, but could cause more memory usage, and I donít know how big this is going to get yet. I donít want to swamp any computers. In general I want to make this whole program scalable, so that it can be played on almost any machine. If however I use huge data structures for all tech, units, buildings, and landscapes, even if I drop most of the animations and graphic effects, the pure memory usage could put a low system user into swap space hell.