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GameDisc.txt: This file will not be used any more. It will now be wrapped into a gamedata.dat file, which I mention elsewere.

Models.mdl: Each model file will contain a bit of a lot of information. They will probably be the most complex and hard to read files there are. I may even put them in binary, and throw away all notions of making them easy to edit. The models will contain the following information. If you think itís a lot, it is. But it could be much more. Thank god, I plan on not using animations! Of course this may make my program much slower. Each model file will have the following information in it:

Skeleton: This will be used for controlling animations.

Shape: This is the actual model

Animation List: This will be a list of all the animations this unit will do. Each animation will be based on a trigger, however none of the animation will be in this file.

Sound List: This will be a list of all the sounds this unit will make. Each sound will also be based on a trigger, and all the sound files are kept separate.

Skins: These are the skins or textures that will be used on the model.

I will go into more detail on this model file as things are worked out.

GameDisc.txt: Only slightly different from the other discription files this fileís main use is by the main program. It is used to tell the main program that this directory contains a game type and it gives a name and discription to the user.

Name, Discription

Name: The game type name.
Discription: A detailed description of the game type.


"World War II" "A recreation of world war two. You choose on of the sides and see who will win this time."