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Saturday Nov 3, 2001: Decided to get this project running smoothly. Moved it to sourceforge and started to aqire developers to help work on project. Moved web pages to sourceforge and updated. These pages will be improved over the next month.

Wednesday July 11, 2001: Added basic news section for posting news. When I get the time I will update the pages to include a news posting script and a forum. Plus I plan on butifying the pages to make them more palitable.

I have added to the design documentation a major change. Instead of going with text files like civ does, I have decided to use binary files. I will include a complete suite of tools for editing the files to add to the game. This way it will be easier to add to the game using a tool, and developers will not have any problems with mistakes that could be made in a text file. Check over the development documentation to see my changes.

I am keeping the old documentation as a change tracking system. This way if anybody is really interested they can see how things have changed over time. Also, if I want to go back, or people think an older way was better it will still be there.

Monday June 25, 2001: Inital Webpage and basic idea posted online. It ain't pretty to watch, but it puts the idea into text so that others can read it. It is also the basis of a design documentation.