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GameData.dat: The files, Strings.txt, Defaults.txt, and GameDisc.txt will all be wrapped together into one file called GameData.dat. Since this file will no longer be text, I am not as worried about keeping the length of the file down as I was before. Because of this I will be putting all the data into this one file. It will contain strings for common texts in the game, a description and name for the game type, and any default settings for the game type. Doing this will make the game types very customizable so that any game type could be made with as few limitations as possible.

Strings.txt: This file I am not going to explain at this moment of time. Primarily since it is indefinable. It will eventually contain a list of all the in game strings that can be changed to fit the game type.

Defaults.txt: This file will contain all the default settings for the game type. Including, but not limited to, the amount of research needed for advancing in technologies, how well roads speed up units, and city size limitations. This will all be worked out later.

Events.txt: This will be used for player controlled events in a game. I hope not to have to make a whole parsing language, and would rather go with a dll or something that can be attached to the main program. But I also want to make something that is easy for the developers to make, and can be shipped with the program. So for now I plan on using a parsed text file for scenarios.